Book DescriptionTeaser for Ghost Dog

THE DAY DEATH WORE BOOTS AND OTHER STORIESThe Day Death Wore Boots – ghost stories to leave you looking… and wondering…

Follow a tourist forced to sit out a tour of the city ruins of Pompeii.  That is, until she meets the “ghost dog” who shares his life story of unconditional love for his owner prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The devotion of pets toward their owners will become quite clear once you read the chilling accounts in THE GHOST DOG OF POMPEII.

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He stood in the doorway of what was once their home.  The roof, as were the majority of roofs in the city, was gone. There were only minimal partial walls remaining, making it hard to discern one room from the other.  But the one area that miraculously remained untouched, was the foyer, where I found Buio now, standing proudly.  Under his feet in an area approximately 6’x6’ was the most beautiful multi-colored mosaic I had ever seen!  It was a likeness of Buio himself posed in an attack stance, with lettering beneath which read, CAVEAT CAANE.  I could remember enough of my high school Latin to know that this welcome mat was warning trespassers: BEWARE OF THE DOG.